2015 Jump Rope for Heart FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is partnering with the American Heart Association so important?

  • Heart disease is the nation’s #1 killer.
  •  Stroke is the fourth-leading cause of death.
  • Our children are developing significant health issues that can shorten life expectancy.

How much money did North Park raise last year?

  • As a building, last year we raised $5,767.11.

When will North Park’s Jump Rope for Heart event take place?

  • During physical education class the week of February 9th-13th.

Are all students required to participate?

  • All students will participate in the jump rope activities during PE the week of the 9th.
  • Participation in the fundraising is voluntary.

When are donation packets due?

  •  The fundraising deadline is Friday, February 13th.

What are these silly incentives the kids keep talking about?

  • If our school raises $5,000, Ms. Kieren will teach PE wearing a princess dress for a week.
  • If we raise $6,000, the students will earn NO UNIFORM FRIDAYS for the rest of the year.
  • If we raise $7,000, Ms. Kieren will be doused with slime at a celebration assembly by the student who raises the most money. · The classroom that raises the most money will earn a sledding party.
  • The #1 student fundraiser will be principal for a day.\

What’s up with all the ducks?

  • Throughout the fundraising, the students have the opportunity to earn individual prizes based on how much money they raise. There are 3 ducks that can be earned instantly:
  • Splatter Quacky Duck – Earned when a student receives $5 in donations. Bring the coupon found in the envelope signed by a parent/guardian to Ms. Kieren to receive Quacky.
  •  Ninja Duck – Earned when a student receives their first online donation. Ms. Kieren gets an e-mail notification when a student earns this duck.
  •  Ms. Cool Duck – Earned when a student raises $75 in online donations. Ms. Kieren gets an e-mail notification when a student earns this duck.

When will the kids receive the other prizes?

  • As soon as Ms. Kieren sends all the donations to the American Heart Association, the AHA will calculate the totals and ship out the prizes. This can take up to 2-3 weeks after the donations have been turned in to the American Heart Association.

What happens if someone makes a cash donation?

  • The American Heart Association will not accept cash donations. If there is cash or change in your student’s envelope, please write a check to the American Heart Association to take its place.


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