Elementary Cross Country Meet Information

Cross Country participants will be picked up from school and transported to the meet venue (Northeast, the old city).

The middle school athletes will run beginning at 4:45. Elementary will follow beginning with the girls K-1, then boys k-1, then girls 2-3, then boys 2-3, then girls 4-5, then boys 4-5.

Tuesday meet dates are Oct. 1, Oct. 8, Oct. 22 and Oct. 29.

The Saturday Invitational, which is open to all comers, is Oct. 12 and begins at 11:00. The invitational flyer is on the GRPS website.

For the Tuesday meets we will give awards in the chute to the first 20 (medal for 1st and ribbons 2-20) in each race. For the Saturday Invitational we will hand out medals in the chute to the first 30 in each race. On October 29 we will give out team awards to the first place team in each grade division.

Following the meet, students may be signed out with the coach to ride home with a parent/guardian, or they may take the bus back to school where they can be picked up. The meet should end at approximately 6:00-6:15. Students should arrive back at approximately 6:30.

Look for the North Park Sign as a rally point so we can keep students together between races.

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