News from Mrs. Skipp for November 2013

Dear Families,

Wow! We have reached November.  This year has been going smoothly for most students. The energy in the classroom is very positive and inspiring. Most students have fallen into the daily routine and are keeping up with classroom organization.  Headlined below are some important topics to consider.


Student homework consists of three areas:

  1. Math IXL At least 20 min. per week for 4th grade; 45 minutes per week for 5th grade; and 90 minutes per week for 6th grade.  Math IXL is internet homework. If your child doesn’t have access to the internet, please write me a note and we can work out a different type of math homework.
  2. Community Service Instead of sending a note home every week, there will be one note sent home a month. November’s community service homework is due on Monday, December 2nd. You can download here: [Download not found]
  3. Book Report This month’s book report topic is Mystery or Adventure. After reading your chosen book, imagine that you are the author of the sequel. Write the 1st chapter of the next book. Don’t forget to add a title for your book. This is due Tuesday November 26th.


Thank-you parents who have donated snack the last few weeks. Although we don’t have a set snack schedule, we do still welcome snack for the class. The students and I truly appreciate it.


Each student has a planner that they fill out each day. The planners do need to stay at school, but parents you are welcome to come in and check your child’s planner at any time. Each week your child receives a new student weekly work plan to place in their planner.  The work plan is a log of their work and assignments of the week.

Thanks again for your help and your beautiful children!

Mrs. Skipp

Contact info: or leave a voicemail at (616)299-6272 or (616) 819-4780.

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