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(From Coach Kellie M. Kieren)


I want to provide some clarification in regards to the Speed Stacks catalogs I sent home with the students over the past week. You are by no means obligated to purchase a set of Speed Stacks for you child. This is not a fundraiser. Every year during the cup stacking unit, I am asked where students can get their own set of cups. I set up a Group Order for North Park so parents are able to purchase a set of cups for their child if they would like.

This is how to order:

  1. Go to www.speedstacks.com
  2. Hover over “Shop” and select “Group Order”
  3. Select Michigan for location
  4. Choose “North Park Elementary”, fill in your child’s name and grade and then begin shopping!

A basic set of cups is $16.99 (solid color) or $19.99 (“wild” cups) through this group order and comes with an instructional DVD in case they need help remembering proper technique! North Park Montessori is able to earn Speed Stacks equipment for the PE department depending on how many sets are purchased.

You may be asking yourself, how does cup stacking fit into the PE curriculum? Here are the many benefits of cup stacking:

  1. Hand-eye coordination
  2. Fine motor skills
  3. Improved dexterity
  4. Concentration and focus

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question, comments, or concerns regarding the Speed Stacks unit or ordering process!

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